To break up materials like the stand roofs I used world-based placed grunge which with parameters can change the tiling size, color and opacity of the spots and color gradient which can change color, opacity, and placement.

With parameters you can change color, add moss, add different exposed bricks, add a colored gradient and add tiling grunge which you can change color, tiling amount and intensity of.

For my first portfolio project that spanned for 5 weeks on half time 4/h a day, I wanted to make a modular town where the citizens were cute bunnies. To add variation while still having an easy workflow I used tiling textures and made material instances where you can change color, size and amount of grunge applied, if there should be moss patches and/or if there should be exposed brick patches.

I used Maya for all the modelling, Zbrush for highpolys, Substance Painter for texturing with some hand-painted touches being done afterward and rendered in unreal Engine 4.

To add more life to the project I made particle effect using Unreal Niagara System to make wind swirls, dust particles and chimney smoke. To add more realistic cozy environmental lighting, I used a Light Function with a light panning cloud texture to simulate outside weather.

I want to thank my classmates and teachers for giving me feedback and pushing me towards the right direction along the way.